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Unique Puzzle Adventure 
Join the Miner Rescue Team as they work their way deep into the troubled San Marino Mines.   Rescue the trapped miners and get out before the mine collapses.  Cavein offers a unique twist on match three puzzle games and Puzzle Bobble.
About CaveIn 
In CaveIn, players assumes the role of a member of the Miner Rescue Team. They have been called in on a mission to rescue trapped miners in a dangerous and puzzle-filled 3D environment. The player starts the game choosing one of two heroes Johnny Red or Parker Blue. Once in the game, the player views the level from a 3rd person ¾ view camera and also has the assistance of a mini-map to help get an idea of the overall state of the game.
The setting is deep within a collapsing mine with dark shadows and bright toon shaded characters that boldly contrast each other. Players see camera shakes, crumbling floors, and debris falling from the ceiling giving the sense that the cave could collapse any second. Deep dark pits, another danger within the caves, also are found within the mines and force players to move with caution.
Traversing the mines room by room, players will undoubtedly encounter obstacles blocking the path to the next room. One common obstacle is the rock. The rescue miner can walk into the rock to push it or use the action button to kick it across the room. Rocks can also be shot, crushed, blown up, or crumbled. To crumble a rock, get three or more rocks of the same color together. Crumbling rocks are the most basic way of clearing a path to exit. Rocks are often found scattered throughout rooms, but can also fall from the ceiling, or be shot out from the Rockthrower. Falling rocks can crush miners underneath them if players don't keep an eye out for the shadow on the floor indicating a rock is about to drop there. Fast rolling rocks are equally as dangerous if a player is caught in front of one. Player will need to time their movements to get out of the path of these or get crushed.

Rock throwersare machines encountered in the mines that can be very useful for clearing rocks in a room. These machines launch rocks from which other rocks can be crumbled. The game mechanics for the rock thrower is very similar to the classic puzzle game Puzzle Bobble1. Players may also find other uses for the rock thrower as they progress through the mines.

The main objective of the game besides survival is rescuing the trapped miners lost throughout the caves. The players will find them calling for help and players need only to touch them to rescue them. Rescued miners will be tracked within the game and will also give the players a point bonus to their score. Caution should be used when rescuing miners as they can be crushed by moving or falling rocks.

A big part of surviving the mines, is the player escaping to the next room. Sometimes the room is extremely unstable and about to have a major cave-in. When this can happen, the player is presented with a timer at the top of the screen. When this timer expires, rocks fall in rapid succession and will inevitably crush the miner under a mountain of rock. Once this begins, the only escape from this fate is the exit and hopefully the player has a clear path to it.

Lastly, during the game the player will get help along the way to complete the rescue mission. Useful items like dynamite, extra chances, and save points can be found in the mines. These items can be walked over to be picked up by the player. The dynamite is set by walking over the yellow placement icon. After setting the dynamite, the player should get far from the blast. The player will get additional help from the in-game dialog display at the bottom of the screen. This dialog is used to present tips, hints, and tell the story. At the beginning of the game, this dialog sets up the story and give the player a tutorial on how to play.

1.Puzzle Bobble is a classic puzzle game developed by Taito (Seiichi Nakakuki) in 1996.